Master Plan Project Status - October 1, 2019


In order to prepare the land for sale to the developer, and also prepare the land for reconstruction of holes #1, 9, and 18 on the West golf course, a massive earthwork project is currently underway.  To date, approximately, 75% of the earthwork has been completed. During this process, our contractor doing this work, encountered extensive construction debris illegally buried on the driving range when the West course was built almost 40 years ago. This debris needed to be sifted and separated from the dirt and hauled offsite. This has now been completed.  

As a result of the buried debris field, there was one small area that tested above acceptable levels for contaminants.  As a result, the Florida DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) needed to be notified, before a permit was issued by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to complete the earthwork and the construction of new lakes on the golf course. We are currently waiting for DEP to sign off, and then the remaining SFWMD permit will be issued. Once this permit is issued, the balance of the earthwork and the creation of the new lakes will begin and should be completed in about four weeks.  As this work is underway, the golf course contractor will begin work on reconstructing the three new golf holes. The golf course work should take approximately 90 days to complete, weather permitting, at which time all 18 holes on the West can reopen. At this time, we anticipate all 18 holes will be available for play, sometime in February. Obviously, this timetable is dependent on obtaining the final permit from SFWMD. We are hopeful, this permit will be issued in the next couple of weeks.

Master Plan County Application:

An application for the Eastpointe Master Plan has been submitted to Palm Beach County government officials, by our planning consultants, UDK Studios, in order to create four separate parcels of land within Eastpointe.  One parcel will be created for the 75 homes, which will be sold to the developer.  A second parcel will be created for the new Bistro and Fitness center. A third parcel will the created for the changes made to West golf course.  A fourth parcel will be created for the existing west golf course maintenance building area. The PB County Zoning Commission will hold a public hearing on November 7th, and the PB County Board of County Commission will hold a public hearing on November 25th to approve the changes to the Eastpointe Master Plan.

Bistro/Fitness Center Plans:   

Preliminary building plans for the new Recreation Center complex have been completed by REG Architects. REG has been authorized to complete final construction drawings which will be submitted to the County for building permits. The final construction documents should be completed by the end of December. We have been advised that Palm Beach County will require about four months to approve permits. During this time ECC will request bids from three qualified general contractors to construct the new Recreation Center building. Construction on the new Bistro/Fitness center cannot begin until we receive the final payment from the developer, which we anticipate will be September, 2020.   Your Board wishes to express its gratitude to its members for their support, understanding and patience. We will certainly keep you apprised of new developments as they occur in the weeks and months ahead.

Eastpointe Board of Governors